Rihanna and her nude photo scandal

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After the violence sacandal with Chris Brown 2 months ago.  Now, the attractive voice from Barbados is involved in a new scandal. The fasn of Rihanna are very sockrd when Rihanna’s nude photos are being spreaded on the Internet.

There are 6 photos in nude or semi nude. However, only 2 photos of them have the face of Rihanna. The others show the body of a woman, but the face is out of the photos, so can’t confirm that is Rihanna or not.

One of the photos has messages written on the mirror: “I love you, Robyn. I miss you”.  Robyn is the birth name of Rihanna. The image reflected on the mirror is a woman, looks quite similar to Rihanna who is  taking photo for  hersefl.

Another photo in the series is Chris Brown who is wearing a underwear of women on his head.

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