Susan Boyle and her new aspect

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Although Susan Boyle just declared on Larry King Live in last week that she was satisfied with her aspect, but Susan Boyle seems to think again when decided to spend 100 to improve.

Susan Boyle has spent 35 pounds for dyeing her hair from the unkemp gray hair to the chestnut hair, 5 pounds for dyeing her eyebrow. Additionally, she bought the blouse, jacket inspired by Burberry.


Caroline Boyle, the owner of Toner’s salon in Blackburn where Susan’s hair  was made told that her chestnut hair was the decision of  Susan, her family and hair stylist. They realized that if she changed too much is not a good idea because she’s attractive by herself. They just want everything to be more succinct.

With the song: I Dreamed a Dream from the Les Miserables opera, Susan Boyle has become a candidate for the ward that is worth 100 pounds of Britain’s Got Talent

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