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Jennifer Lopez complains to Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Lopez was very angry when known that Jennifer Aniston has the same role as the personality in her film, “Plan B”. JLo accuses Jen Aniston of stealing the ideas.

Jennifer Lopez just returned after a long rest. In ” Plan B “, J.Lo acts a single women who is looking for ways to can get [...]

Is John Mayer dating with Scheana Marie

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After breaking up Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer has been spending time with a new woman who is a  cocktail waitress and actress Scheana Marie.
” We’re friends ” Marie tells People. “He’s a great guy. He’s funny and sweet.”
Marie is 23 years old and Mayer, 31 years old, met in 2008 at the Beverly Hills cigar [...]

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer separate ?

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Jennifer Aniston went to Europe to promote her new movie:  Marley & Me while John Mayer was in Los Angeles to continue to compose and perform.
But only a few days after Aniston came back, they wasn’t hand in hand.
According to the news, John Mayer has been active to separate Aniston after her return from Europe.
Currently, [...]

Jennifer Aniston spent 50.000$ for her hair

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Since joining the entertainment, Jennifer Aniston was almost loyal to the type of simple straight hair natural, everybody doesn’t think that it costs money and time. So, everybody felt astonish after she revealed that she cost 50,000 $ to hold a new hair style is so beautiful.

Because of her  fussy disposition, she always wants her [...]

The most beautiful women of the age

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1. Halle Berry:  The times of vote: 11

2. Julia Roberts : The times of vote: 10

3. Nicole Kidman : The times of vote: 8

4. Jennifer Lopez: The times of vote: 7
5. Michelle Pfeiffer: The times of vote: 6

6. Jennifer Aniston: The times of vote: 5

7. Catherine Zeta-Jones : The times [...]