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Jennifer Lopez complains to Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Lopez was very angry when known that Jennifer Aniston has the same role as the personality in her film, “Plan B”. JLo accuses Jen Aniston of stealing the ideas.

Jennifer Lopez just returned after a long rest. In ” Plan B “, J.Lo acts a single women who is looking for ways to can get [...]

Jennifer Lopez talks about her Twins

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Jennifer Lopez was the guest of the talkshow on television on April 23th, she spent the most of time to talk about her twins, Max and Emme. J. Lo talked excitingly, although her babies are only 14 months old but they reveal the different personality.
Some photos posted on People and Lossip

The most beautiful women of the age

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1. Halle Berry:  The times of vote: 11

2. Julia Roberts : The times of vote: 10

3. Nicole Kidman : The times of vote: 8

4. Jennifer Lopez: The times of vote: 7
5. Michelle Pfeiffer: The times of vote: 6

6. Jennifer Aniston: The times of vote: 5

7. Catherine Zeta-Jones : The times [...]

Coco Lee overtakes Madona

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Although went through the golden career in singing but Coco Lee still don’t decrease. The evidence is television channel E! Entertainment in the U.S recently has taken her to the list 25 attractive singer in the world.

She owns the perfect body, which blends the beauty of America and China. Along with performing rolling and rich [...]