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Madona was unhorsed by the paparazzi

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The accident occured on April 19th, when Madona was riding horse at the real and personal estate in Hamptons, New York whose Steven Klein photographer. Liz Rosenberg - Madonna’s representative - told that the paparazzi suddenly jumped out of the bush that paniced the horse. So, the horse jumped up and flung her. Now, Madonna is [...]

Madona dates with Jesus Luz again

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In a direct talk with fans through the Twitter, a social network, Madona has confirmed that she didn’t date with anyone in currently. But she still has dated with Jesus luz.
The evidence, on  April 15th, Madona and Jesus Luz have been taken the photos by the paparazzi when they dated in New York. Madonna was [...]

Madona helps the Italian victims of the earthquake

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According to People:
When a devastating earthquake struck the Abruzzo region of Italy on Monday, the mayor of the hamlet of Pacentro made an appeal for help to the granddaughter of two former townspeople. The following morning, that granddaughter responded in a big way.

Madona, whose paternal grandparents lived in Pacentro until 1919, made a “substantial donation” [...]

Madona wears her daughter’s clothes

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Madona continues to stroke people when walking in the crowded street in her daughter’s clothing. It makes people very astonish and funny. People wonder that : ” What does she want ? ”

Sean Penn Slams Madonna at Oscar party

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Madona go with Jesus Luv, a new fancy man of  Madona, to the Oscar. There, she met Sean Penn, her first  husband, who won  in Oscar award.
Althogh Madona praised him to the skies but he reciprocate ironically. He made her ashamed at the Oscar party.
Image : JJ