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Bikini photos of Britney Spear relaxes in Caribbean

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Britney Spear just made her fans surprised at her bikini photos that were taken when she relaxed in Bahamas, Caribbean. Not only impressed with the attractive body, the brown skin, Brit also appears with the happiness on her face.
She will start her tour in the Europe on June 3rd, the first destination is Lodon.

Justin Timberlake admits having sex with Britney Spear

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Appearing on the television show: Saturday Night Live in May 9th, Justin Timberlake recognized that when he dated with Britney, they have had a sexual relationship. This news makes the fans very shocked because in that time, Britney always confirmed that she tried to ” keep herself “.
In this television show, the former singer of  [...]

Mariah Carey is too fat !

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Returning in Los Angeles after an anniversary wedding in the island of Maldives, diva Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are very happy as still in the honeymoon. However, the singer of ” Without You” made people socked because she is too fat. Maybe, she lost her attractive body as the many years ago:

Stars have the face-lifting

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To have the brilliant appearance in the eyes of the public, the star as: Kylie Minogue, Teri Hatcher, Cindy Crawford …have to use the products that they considered the “miracle of beauty” as botox, collagen.
Let see the photos of the Stars and compare the effect that it brought to them:

Stars show their bosom in the thin clothes

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The stars shor their bosom naturally in the thin blouse. These photos of : Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Madonna, Kate Moss … on News Flash:

Mariah Carey and her 1st wedding anniversary

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Mariah Carey can’t hide the happy tears when commemorated the 1st wedding anniversary with her husband, Nick Cannon. One year ago, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have made the U.S. media surprised when they ” got secret marriage “  in the Bahamas just a month after dating.
The photos of their party in Las Vegas, posted [...]

Britney has the incident in Circus tour

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Events  just happened on 8 / 3 at a performance  in Britney’s Circus tour. While she was singing and performing with her dancing group, there was a problem with her clothes. The reason why the clothes that Britney selected to appear on stage too “dangerous.” Some images posted on PerezHilton: