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Katie Holmes - designes clothes for herself

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In the banquet for the journalists who follow the House White in Washington DC, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes appear very radiantly. Katie Holmes wears the dress and the thin coat that she designed for herself. She looks like very beautiful and as the Lady.
The photos posted on JJ:

Suri wants to become a princess

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After the excursion at Disneyland from 2 months ago, TomKat has the initiative to hold the 3rd birthday banquet for Suri. It is furnished that bases on the stories of ancient because Suri does like the Princess.

Here are some photos of  Suri when she was walking with Tom Cruise and her birthday party, posted on [...]

Katie Holmes and the secret 42.000 USD

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She tried to have the ” perfect ” when they appear at the ceremony of  the Valkyrie, Kat has spent the total of 42,000 USD. The process of this beauty takes over 2 days to complete.
They relaxed at the  Ritz-Carlton hotel in Tokyo with  a team of specialist beauty salon. For hair extensions, Kat had [...]

Katie Holmes with her new hair style

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Katie Holmes looks more nice and young with her new hair. Maybe, she wants to make a change.

Long time ago, Kat was very nice  with her beautiful long hair. However, the appearance of the Beckham family inU.S that have brought the new concept of  fashion that influenced many Hollywood stars. And the young wife of  [...]